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The Slippery Rock University Student Government Association, Inc. (SRSGA) is an independent corporation on campus with a roughly two-million dollar budget.  The SRSGA serves as the governing body to most clubs and organizations at Slippery Rock University. We recognize nearly two hundred clubs and organizations, and provide budgets for many including the University Program Board, IFC and the Black Action Society.



"The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) strives to uphold the values and expectations impressed upon us by the Slippery Rock University campus community. As an association, we seek to advocate for all student needs and aim to represent student concerns on an administrative level. We create policies and provide services for the SRU community to enhance the student experience."

Learn more about our current initiatives and up to date about what is happening within SGA. If interested, you can leave suggestions for what we can be working on to help better assist the student body.

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Current Initiatives


The DISSH (Diversity and Inclusion Student Support Hub) is a resource provided by the SRSGA's Social Justice Committee where students can learn more about getting involved, see upcoming diversity events, campus resources and offices, student feedback about diversity events, and SRSGA's new and improved vision, values, and affirmation statement.

The SRSGA is made up of 6 committees which are open to all students. Visit the page below for information on all of our committees and meeting times!




Applications for 2024-2025 are open now

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