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Who Are We?

The Slippery Rock University Student Government Association, Inc. (SRSGA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that distributes funds to clubs and organizations on Slippery Rock University's campus in order to help them thrive. In addition to supporting, powering, and advocating for students, the SRSGA offers services such as the SGA Bookstore, the SGA Preschool and Child Care Center, the Happy Bus, and 15 minutes of free legal counseling.

SRSGA, Inc. is comprised of an executive board which includes a President, five (5) Vice Presidents overseeing several areas, a Parliamentarian, and a Speaker of the Senate; whom are elected in a campus-wide election during each spring semester. This particular setup is intended to foster communication between students and administration. The Senate is comprised of fifty (50) senators, each carefully selected to represent student populations. Interested in joining our organization? Fill out a senator application here:

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How are we comprised?

WhaT We Do

The main goal of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association is to advocate for all student needs and aim to represent student concerns on an administrative level. We create policies and provide services for the SRU community to enhance the student experience. One of our most important functions is to act as a forum for the general student's voice to be heard and for them to express their concerns and suggestions since SRSGA is the main link between the student body and University Administration. All Senate meetings and committee meetings are open to all students.

Board of Directors

The SRSGA, Inc. Board of Directors is a unique and rewarding opportunity to meet and serve with student leaders and a broad representation of engaged professionals to make a lasting impact on current and future students of Slippery Rock University.  The Board of Directors provides leadership for the advancement of the SRSGA, Inc.  The SRSGA, Inc. is responsible for the management of the Student Activity Fee, the SGA Bookstore, and the SRU/SGA Preschool and Child Care Center.  The Board of Directors utilizes the knowledge and professional skills of the Directors to serve the best interests of the students.


Chief Executive Officer

Ella Bloom


Chief Financial officer

Sydney Rezzetano

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Student At-Large



Student At-LArge

Marissa McLaughlin

The newest branch of government for the SRSGA, the Judiciary is aimed at holding Senators and E-board members alike to university standards. If you have any complaints about the conduct of a Senator or E-Board member please file a physical report in the SRSGA office or file a complaint through our misconduct form on CORE. Made up of five jurors and the Chief Justice, the Judiciary focuses on unbiased and rigorous investigative action to uphold the standards of Slippery Rock University. 

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Judiciary Branch

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