Committees are open to ALL students on campus

Every member of SGA serves on a specific committee within the Student Government Association. There are 6 different committees that help make up SGA: Financial Affairs Committee, Internal Affairs Committee, Campus Outreach Committee, Rules and Policies Committee, Social Justice Committee, and Student and Academic Affairs Committee. All committees help make things happen around campus and are open to all students (even if you are not on SGA).

Finance Committee

Chairperson:  Vice President Sydney Rezzetano|

Day: Thursday

Time: 5pm

Location: 3rd Floor SSC Room 319

The Finance Committee oversees all the funding of all clubs and organizations on campus.  Committee meets and reviews financial requests that are brought to committee before being sent to Formal Meetings for approval from Senate.  Committee also reviews and modifies the Financial Policy annually, entertains requests for the SRSGA Conference Grant, and works on various projects that may be implemented to best serve students’ experience at Slippery Rock.  Committee also holds a Budgeting Week each spring semester, where each club is able to request funds for the next upcoming year.  Committee analyzes all budgets and makes adjustments accordingly to the projected Student Activity Fee financials.  Committee members also make sure that all organization’s treasurers are training with a good understanding of the SGA Financial Policy and assist them in their funding needs. 

Student & Academic Affairs

Chairperson: Vice President Grant Warmbein |

Day: Thursday

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Location: Room 325 SSC

The Student and Academic committee addresses student concerns, campus safety, university policies and much more. Making education at SRU an enjoyable experience, examining issues with professors, scheduling, or classes as a whole to make the student's experience at SRU the best it can be!

The Bob's Cupboard intake form is now live on CORE! If anyone is having problems with academics, anything regarding student life, or safety concerns, reach out to SGA or attend one of our committee meetings!

Campus Outreach committee

Chairman: Vice President Aiden Donnelly |

Day: Wednesday

Time: 5pm

Location: 2nd Floor Suite SSC 

Campus Outreach committee of the SRSGA strives to focus on the external functions of the SRSGA. 


The main goals of the committee are to outreach students involved and not involved with SGA, provide programming and events in which students can actively engage with the organization, outreach on-campus clubs, and organizations and provide marketing and advertising for the SGA. We also are responsible for other assets of the organization as well answering/addressing any questions or concerns in regards of SGA services and running the SGA Movie Series that takes place every weekend during the academic year. 

Internal Affairs committee

Chairman: Vice President Liz Hood |

Day: Wedneday

Time: 5pm 

Location: 2nd Floor Suite SSC 

The role of Internal Affairs in SGA, is to act as a connection between all of the senators and the executive board. Internal Affairs handles the election process of new senators, as well as the dismissal policy. Events, such as Homecoming, Relay for Life and the annual banquet, are some of the many that Internal Affairs coordinates. Establishing and maintaining a bond between the senate and executive board is one of the committee’s duties that is fulfilled by creative and meaningful bonding events. Everyone is welcome to join us. 

Social Justice committee

Chair: Vice President Alexis Gish |

Day: Tuesday

Time: 6pm

Location: 2nd Floor Suite SSC Womens Center

The social justice committee focuses on issues of diversity and inclusion across campus. Some examples of topics we discuss include menstrual product access on campus, food injustice, discrimination and identity issues (race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, etc), sexual violence, and disability accessibility needs. Our goal is to create a campus environment that allows ALL students to thrive, rather than just survive. 

Rules and Policies Committee

Chair: Parliamentarian Nicholas Condon |

Day: Tuesday

Time: 5pm 


Room 325 SSC

The Rules and Policy Committee is in place to assess and amend the SRSGA constitution to fit the organizations ever changing needs. Also, we make sure that decisions that are made are constitutional and relevent for the student body.