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Every year, SGA puts on Student Safety Week as a campus wide event to make students aware of safety precautions to take on a college campus. The topics that are covered are cyber safety, drinking and driving, domestic violence. and open FAQ with the campus police here at Slippery Rock.

Safety Week is a great chance for students to learn more about staying safe and aware on campus.

Contact Elizabeth Hernandez ( with any questions, concerns, or information!

FAQ with Campus Police 2016

1. What are some duties of the campus police?

-We do a little bit of everything, like a regular police department, with more service calls. We've gotten a lot of calls about dead car batteries. We have about 15 officers on car, bike, or foot. We work a lot with the CA's and GA's and in dorms. We're mainly here for safety. It can even be just making sure people are entering and exiting the correct doors and swipes into their building because if something happened in that time we would have the cameras but it's almost impossible to do a facial identification by the camera. We just want to keep everyone safe.

2. What's the conceal carry policy on campus?

-There cannot be any weapons in any SRU buildings, or at events. Walking around with a weapon is allowed only if the owner of that weapon has a permit. Otherwise not at all.

3. What are some programs that you do on campus?

-We oversee the worker's comp program. We usually like to keep records of any incidents and accidents that occur on campus. We use OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) programs for faculty but also extend those to students as well. We work insurance programs on campus so that if your laptop and other items get damaged from something like a pipe bursting in the dorms we could potentially replace those items. We actually have Safety and Crim major internship programs. Some of those programs can involve taking that individual with us on a call. We even have sustainability initiatives and would be willing to collaborate with off campus housing to try to get recycling in there too. In our own E-Waste initiative, we had 2500 recycled items in 8 hours, with some people coming states away to recycle.

4. Is there anything different being done this year for safety considering how crazy all the news has been?

-We will have an on campus emergency drill sometime this year where we will bring in fire department, EMTs, and move resources around in a simulation of anything from a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, to a shooter situation, to a chemical spill, to a faculty shutdown to see how well our campus would handle in a situation like that. We also are installing a state of the art VENS system (voice emergency notification system) that has pre-recorded messages that specify what kind of situation is happening. It works like a PA system to give pre-recorded information.

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