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There are many way to get involved with SGA! Any SRU student can join a committee at ANY time. How do you want to help make SRU a better place? Check out your options!

Join Senate

As a member on Senate you will have the opportunity to represent students and your constituents, learn what is happening on campus, and will be a voting member of SGA. Click on the apply here link to go to CORE and fill out an application.

Join a Committee

With 6 different committees that meet once a week there are multiple chances to get involved with SGA in something that you are passionate about! ALL Slippery Rock Students are encouraged to join and have your voice heard. (Not to mention it does look good on a resume.) Click on our link to learn more about our committees.

apply for Board of directors

The SRSGA, Inc. Board of Directors is a unique and rewarding opportunity to meet and serve with student leaders and a broad representation of engaged professionals to make a lasting impact on current and future students of Slippery Rock University.  The Board of Directors provides leadership for the advancement of the SRSGA, Inc.  The SRSGA, Inc. is responsible for the management of the Student Activity Fee, the SGA Bookstore, and the SRU/SGA Preschool and Child Care Center.  The Board of Directors utilizes the knowledge and professional skills of the Directors to serve the best interests of the students.

open Senator Positions

We have 2 At-Large, 2 Engineering and Science, 1 Graduate, 1 Commuter, 1 International, and 1 Veteran senator positions available!

Our Committees

Social Justice 


Internal Affairs

Campus Outreach

Student & Academic Affairs

Rules & Policies

current board of directors student members

Hannah Degidio.jpg

Hannah D'Egidio

Nikole Husnick.jpg

Nikole Husnick

Chris Thrasher.jpg

Chris Thrasher

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