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-Serving students since 1938-

Homecoming Parade
Homecoming Parade
Join us for our next formal meeting on Monday, March 18th at 7:30 pm in the Smith Student Center Theater!


Your newly elected executive board members for the Student Government Association!

Who are we?

The Slippery Rock University Student Government Association, Inc. (SRSGA) is an independent corporation on campus with a roughly two-million dollar budget.  SRSGA serves as the governing body to most clubs and organizations at Slippery Rock University.  SGA recognizes almost two hundred organizations and provides budgets for many including the University Program Board, IFC and the Black Action Society. Also, SRSGA helps fund the majority of Slippery Rock Athletics.

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How are we comprised?

SRSGA, Inc. is comprised of an executive board which includes a President, Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, Vice President of Financial Affairs, Vice President of Internal Affairs and Vice President of Campus Outreach. These individuals are elected in a campus wide election during the spring semester each year. This particular setup is intended to foster communication between the student and the administration.The Senate is comprised of thirty (30) senators. There is one senator that represents each residence hall and the ROCK Apartments. There are fifteen (15) commuter senators and two graduate senators. There are four Freshman Delegates, elected in the fall of each year, that are also part of Senate.

What can we do for YOU?

The main goal of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association is to constantly be working for the students and to advocate student's rights. One of our most important functions is to act as a forum for the general student's voice to be heard and for them to express their concerns and suggestions. All Senate meetings are open to the public.  As mentioned above, SRSGA is the main link between the student body and University Administration.


"As representatives of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association, we strive to uphold the values and expectations given to us by the students of Slippery Rock University. We will enhance and support the student body by representing their interests and well being during meetings and events. Through the provision of advocacy, the Slippery Rock student should expect the best experience during their time at Slippery Rock University."



We enhance the Slippery Rock student experience by providing them with diverse opportunities that allow growth.


We advocate for the best interests of the student body.


We represent the students in all matters and forms for their best interests.


We support the students in their pursuit of excellence during their college experience.

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